Méli Mélo

A truly delectable experience

A new and unique experience at Ariel Restaurant that’s all about family and friends. With his culinary artistry, gastronomic creations and surprise guest chefs at the end of each month, Chef Ariel Rodríguez will truly delight your senses.

Four-Course Menu

Unlock our exquisite four-course menu, accompanied by a curated wine pairing by our very own Marcos Mercado and a twist of classic cocktails by our renowned mixologist, Jill Anderson

We Have Lived the Experience

Best Family

"Ariel has brought the family back to the table with these dinners. We laughed, dined and had a wonderful time throughout".

The Best
four-course menu

"Oh my God...the food was incredible, the wine pairing was spot on (thank you Marcos!) and the conversation was most enjoyable.
Pick your group wisely, sit back and enjoy!"

Best Event

A celebration of good food, great wine and the best people behind it all. A real blast!